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ADVICE ME!!! “My GF Said She Can’t Marry Me Because I Am A Tailor, Left Me For A Yahoo Boy”

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A displeased hardworking young man cries out over his consistent failing relationships cause he doesn’t want to be a “Yahoo Boy”

He narrated his sad ordeals of how his last ex-girlfriend sidelined him to go and date a Yahoo Boy because she can’t marry a Tailor.

Read His Message below:-

There is this lady I like so much, even my friends know that I like her so much and will love to spend the rest of my life with her.

One day, I saw her with my friend and I later asked her why she is so close to my friend. She said they are dating each other, that she cannot marry me simply because I am tailor.

My friend is a yahoo boy, he doesn’t have any work. The only way he eats is via an internet scam.

To be honest, I was so pained, moreover, she is not the only lady to have done this to me. Have met several ladies that told me that they can’t marry a tailor and they end up dating yahoo Boys for my street.

They always tell me to leave my tailoring job and go hustle like my friends to make cool money.

Guys, I am tired… Should I leave the tailoring job and join my friends to do the yahoo stuff?

Girls keep rejecting me up and down and I am fed up.

Pls advise me!!


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