I AM SAD! My Wife And I Haven’t Had Sex In 6 Month


I AM SAD! My Wife And I Haven’t Had Sex In 6 Month

Our marriage has always had issues from the beginning, but we passed it off as normal marital issues which we eventually resolved (or, so I thought).

Just when I thought things had begun to improve between us, I noticed my wife is no longer interested in sex with me and counting now, it’s been 6 months since we had anything to do with each other intimately.

I tried to joke around about it just to find out her reasons, and she joked back with me saying that for the past 6 years she’s known me, I haven’t changed from these habits:

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1. spending all night in front if the tv, sometimes till 3am in the morning and when i eventually come to bed, I snore so bad and this made her go buy earplugs to help her cope with it. when she said this, i felt so offended that i began to sleep in the guest room, and she never apologized or begged me to come back to our matrimonial bed (for 3 weeks now)

2. she always complains that i eat too much and my weight has skyrocketed within the past couple of years, and that my late nights in front of tv means im snacking throughout the night.

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Yes, this is true to be fair but the truth is that ive ballooned so much in size that i now lack the motivation to do anything about it.

3. She has also complained about my breath to the point that she purchased tongue brush for me which i refuse to use as i find it quite rude that she would say such to me.

The only time we spend together as a couple is when she comes to join me in front of the tv after work. Then by 9pm she’s off to bathe our son and put him to bed, from there she’s going to sleep, leaving me alone to watch tv into late hours of the night/morning.

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I know for a fact that my wife isn’t cheating and apart from sex we have a good friendship, but my problem with her is that her overt and covert behavior towards sex shows someone who is irritated by me and that makes me feel quite offended.

What Should I Do?


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