I Divorced My Husband So He Could Marry His Sidechick: Nigerian Woman


A Nigerian woman, Omoye Ohiku has recounted how she divorced her husband so he could go marry his side chick.
The mother of three shared the story while reacting to the viral video of a wife fighting her husband’s sidechic.

”I knew the woman my ex husband was cheating with, I didn’t just know her, she came to my house a couple of times, i knew her house and her office. We had discussions, once, upon her request and another, upon my request! It might seem impossible to you, I have friends and family members who can testify to this. My younger sister Joy was in my house the last I invited her over and we had a 2hrs discussion. In that discussion, I told her I was going to give up my marriage for her and told her what to expect from his family.

Each time she came to my house, I entertained her and kids. Yes because she never came to have sex in my house, she came as a friend because I made her feel like a friend from day one.

Initially, I did everything possible to save my marriage. But When I realized my ex husband was deeply in love with this woman, I decided to give up my marriage for her. To me, love is how someone treats me, not a piece of paper contract. We were in court for 2 yrs, living in the same house. I wasn’t in competition with this woman over my marriage. I am a spirit filled woman and saw beyond her!

This man loved this mother of three children who was older than me, her last child was older than my first child. I didn’t need anyone to convince me he loved her. Everyone said it was juju, but I didn’t care! I only cared that I wasn’t being treated right by him and his family!
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