I’m a shy guy but I can’t take this anymore, a guy cries out for advice


I have this issue with my Girlfriend which I’m Worried About , Every time we go out or Meet up at some place, I’m always shy to Walk with her Or hold her hands in Public Anytime I try to do so it won’t last up to 5 secs ,it’ll be as if I’m suffocating till the point that she noticed about it and complained Even When Walking Together we don’t get so close together.

It’s not as if I don’t Love her ,I Love her a lot , but this issue bothers me a lot, she has no deformity ,And she’s very Beautiful if it’s that, But I don’t know what’s wrong with me,on her own end she likes To hold me Hug me even Cuddle in public and when she tries it with me ,I get Scared and Kind of Embarrassed. I know I’m a Shy guy tho, but I can’t take this anymore .

Please Any advice on what I can do before I lose her on lack of affection?
Insults Are Allowed Cause I know You guys would do so .
Thanks .


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