LET’s TALK!! Sex With Chubby Girls vs Sex With Slim Girls – Which One Dey Sweet Pass?


Guys, come and share your sexperience on this matter 😂

Have you ever experienced a situation where adult Yoruba men gather together to argue about sex?

Well, I experienced it today, even though I was fasting when I bumped into the argument but something tells me, I will need this argument to make a post here on Naijaloaded.

At least, God will understand that no be say I corrupt, I am only trying to do my job😜

Point Raised About Chubby Girls

They were like 8 adult men on the argument, a particular set argued that sex with chubby girls is always sweet because your pr!ck will touch “Ekuro” and you will feel it.

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The argument went further like, Chubby girls have in abundance the breast and the nyansh you might need to play with, they are always the sweetest in bed.

Meanwhile, on the opposition side, they said Chubby girls are rigid and not skillful in bed like the slim girls.

Point Raised About Slim Girls

According to the opposition, slim girls know the right time to turnto bendto raise legs, and every other you might think of in bed.

You can even turn them anyhow you like in bed without stress.

Especially, that moment when slim girls will roll over you like a snake and kiss you deeply.

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As a matter of fact, if you ever think of exploring in bed, try slim girls and you will come back with a testimony. The opposition concluded.

Guys, we will love to hear from you on this 👇

Sex With Chubby Girls vs Sex With Slim Girls – Which One Dey Sweet Pass?

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