My Younger Brother Has Slept With The Girl I Want To Marry


Its difficult to say this, the girl I want to marry (although I have not proposed to her yet). I showed her picture to my younger brother and he told me he has slept with her.
I asked him severely even showed him other pictures of her to make sure it’s the girl he slept with and he said it was her..

I love this girl so much that I can’t imagine loosing her.( Sometimes you love someone and you can’t tell what’s so special about them). I have suspended the proposal , and I don’t want to disclosed what my brother said to me to her.

Sometimes I ask myself among all the girls in Nigeria why must it be this one that I love that my brother met with..

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I would have gone ahead with the decision but what kind of respect will I get from my younger brother by marrying a girl he slept with ? Sincerely if it was my elder brother I wouldn’t mind, but being my younger brother it seems to my as a let down ..

Well let me not bore you with long story, what’s your thought ?


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