What I See When I Went Through My Sister’s Watshapp Message


I kindly seeks your opinion on finding a solution to this.

We are 6 in my family, 3 boys and 3 girls, my mum has the first 4 children while my step-mom has the last 2, The last born of the family is a girl of 20years old, I always see this girl has a decent girl, she hardly moves with guys and she only has one close friend of which I know of.

She gained admission into a polytechnic in 2018 and she is now in ND2. Her close friend also gained admission into the same polytechnic last year and she moved in with her.

I collected her phone last Saturday to used as a source of light while I was in toilet and what I saw when I went through her whatsapp really made me sad.

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I first went through her chat with her best friend and I was shocked when I see her telling that her friend to give her boyfriend breast to suck and different types of styles on bed, she was asking her how many rounds they have done and that her friends replied twice but they took a brake to resume later at night.

I was dumbfounded, thinking this can’t be my sister I cherished so much, when did she turned to Mia Khalia? I went through all the chat with her best friend and I saw all the sexcapade they keeps telling each other anytime they are with one of there various boyfriends.

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That pushed me to go through all her chats One by one and I realised she has more than 7 guys she is having sex with presently in school, They keep telling her how they enjoyed the last sex and how they are craving for more, I even saw her chat with a married man she is going out with, with that one promising her heaven on earth.

I saw so many unsaved contact chatting her up and claiming they took her number from one group or the other and declaring interest in her, although she hasn’t give in to there request but the flows of the chat shows sooner or later they will later have access to her body.

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since then I have been feeling sad and confused, although I didn’t let her know I went through her chat and saw all what she has been doing in school, and I haven’t told anyone about it yet.

she will be going back to school together with her bestie on Wednesday and I don’t know what to do about this, should I informed my elder brother about this and we talk to her together, or I should just talk to her by myself without letting anybody know, or I should just behave like I didn’t see anything and let it pass.

Mind you our father is late.


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