Why The North Won’t Suffer


I have heard alot of people especially the ipob saying when Nigeria disintegrate the north will suffer, but that’s a pure lie because even during the first republic the north wasn’t suffering in-short it was even the southeast the were suffering from the structure of the first republic, the average northerners don’t benefit shit from Nigeria except the elites, with or without Nigeria life is still the same to the common northerners why?

Nigeria is currently the world poverty capital with most credit going to the north, so how has Nigeria helped the suffering northerners.

If Nigeria splits like every other region the north will progress because they will certainly control their population because they will no longer be competing for domince of power as some say they do, just like other regions they will only select competent leaders without thinking if his my tribe or religion, their leaders will have no choice but to improve the human resources of the region in order to catch-up with other competing regions of former Nigeria, and of all if Nigeria splits they will certainly go back to agriculture which was what they were relying on in the first republic before the discovery of oil all they have to do is reach some agreement with the south west or south south to enable them use their ports.


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