Africans – Scientists Said We Are Still Confused As To Why Coronavirus Is Not Killing In Africa


Corona virus which WHO declared as outbreak is still surprising Western world how it has not killed an African.
European scientists are still marvelled and confused as to why Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not viral in Africa.

The world woke up to the news that Juventus player, Daniele Rugani has contacted coronavirus. On the other hand, though, European Scientists are still confused as to why Africans are not being killed by Coronavirus.

In the post by ‘New Scientist’ on Twitter, it has it that scientist still do not know why coronavirus is not killing Africans like it is killing people in many European countries and other countries in the world.

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They also have this information fully explained on their website as they write on a lot of expert views from Europe on the matter.

So far in Africa, only 2 deaths have been reported, in Egypt and Morocco with 1 each. The death recorded in Egypt is of a foreigner while an 86 year old woman was the only death recorded in Morocco and it was reported that her death resulted from not only Coronavirus but from other health complications.

This is what is baffling many foreign scientists and media. They are surprised as to why Africans are not being infected, why Africans are not dying from the deadly coronavirus.

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There are many reasons they are thinking about, one of them is the high temperature here in Africa. They are actually also saying that the fact that the average African age is young could be another reason given that most of the Virus cases that lead to death occurred in older ones.

The nature of the virus was also pointed out as a possible reason as for some days someone infected might not show symptoms of the virus.

In spite of all these, many Nigerians seeing the headline of the posts have reacted on Twitter. See what this lady said in response to the post below.


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