Breaking! Bayelsa Election Nullification: Militants threatens to resume hostility over court decision.


Niger Delta militants under the aegis of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, Tuesday, threatens to resume hostility in the Niger Delta region over the nullification of the Bayelsa State Governor election by the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Tanko Ibrahim, led Supreme Court judgement.

The judgement saw the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2019 governorship election in State, David Lyon, sacked by the court, and was replaced by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Douye Diri

The group stated that the recent judgment of the Supreme Court nullifying the election of David Lyon is unacceptable, provocative and targeted at alleged perversion of the Civil Rights of the people.”
The group in a letter signed by nine militant groups from the nine states of the Niger Delta region, and addressed to the Presidency and Justice Tanko Ibrahim, called for the reversal of the judgement or they will be forced to return to creeks for fresh hostility.

They also warned that failure for the presidency and the chief justice of the federation Justice Tanko to reverse the ill-fated and anti-Bayelsa peoples’ judgment may result in the resumption of hostilities against oil pipelines to cripple the economy of the country.

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The leader of the Coalition of RNDA, Comrade Johnmark Ezon Ebi also known as Obama, noted that the decision to abort ceasefire and declare hostilities in the region was based on the outcome of investigations which showed that the ruling of the Supreme Court was allegedly procured through the black market by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The RNDA warned that failure for the presidency and the Chief Justice of the federation, Justice Tanko Ibrahim to reverse the anti-people ruling will result in unimaginable outcome,” the RNDA should not be held responsible for whatever damage that will lead to bombing of oil pipelines to cripple the economy of the country.”

“By the amended electoral which stated that if the winner of the governorship election has been nullified by any means, the electoral body should conduct a fresh election and not to swear in the 2nd runner of the said election because the voters did not vote for the second runner and therefore the second runner could not be imposed on state off which David Lyon won with a wide spread Maxim of total vote cast across the entire 8 Local government Areas of Bayelsa state.

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“David Lyon was declared winner of the governorship election which was well accepted by all sons and daughters of Bayelsa state and rejected the candidate of peoples demonizing party in the person of Douye Diri. David Lyon remains the choice of the people. Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA ) will not fold its arms and watch democracy rubbished in Nigeria with the rascality of black market judgement from the judiciary to undermine the peoples mandate as it is in Bayelsa.

“Douye Diri cannot be the Governor and can never be because somebody who was not duely elected for cannot be imposed to the people of Bayelsans through one bribed bought and paid over black market judgement. Bayelsa people are very much aware bribe money in foreign currency were used to procure this anti Bayelsa people verdict.

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“We will soon come after those involved in the alleged illegal transaction. Those involved in the black market judgment to undermine the people’s choice Governor who was duly elected last November by the good people of Bayelsa state will all pay with their lives, their families and their properties in the Niger Delta region and in the federal capital.

“And to this end if nothing is done to reverse this orchestrated ill-fated illegal evil inhuman black market judgement to remove the unpopular governor that is illegally occupying David Lyon seat in the creek haven government house, the RNDA will be left with no other option to declare war in the creek and to continue from where we stopped.”



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