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History Should NOT Repeat Itself O! – See How Over 50 Million People Died Because Of This Mistake During Spanish Flu Pandemic In 1918

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After seeing this short history, the only thing that comes to head is “Buhari’s Egungun should be careful O” – You Know why?

It’s no longer news again that the President of Nigeria, Buhari has announced that he wants to be gradually relaxing the lockdown in LagosOgun and FCT.

The new order is set to take place May 4th 2020, where there’ll be moving in the states from 6 am – 8 pm, and then Curfew starts till the next day.

Like Coronavirus has been informed to stay harmless during this time 😭😭 – I don’t know our Govt is so naive about this pandemic.

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Read this short story about the Spanish Flu pandemic:-

Just like how it occurs in 1918, Maybe Nigeria is about to witness their own 2nd Wave.

Like we all know Lagos is the epicentre of the virus in Nigeria, and on a daily basis the number keeps getting high, and then the best our President can think of is Relaxing the lockdown.

We’ve wasted our 1-month lockdown already, cause it was during those lockdowns period the NCDC should have indulged in an aggressive virus test in the Nation.

But No! they’re busy updating their coronavirus league table 😭 – This is not funny mehn, cause I can imagine the numbers of people that will open themselves to higher risk by going on May 4th.

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I Just hope History won’t repeat itself – Using Nigeria as a case study this time.

So Guys 👇

Do You Have A Plan Of Going Out Comes May 4th?

Please stay safe!!!


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