IEDPU hails kwara State Gov ahead police school take off


The Ilorin Emirate Relatives Association (IEDPU) at the end of the week hailed Kwara State Representative AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for finding a way to encourage all the starter works ahead January 2020 remove from the Police School in Ballah town.

The body likewise commended AbdulRazaq for his remarkable way to deal with administration, particularly his lowliness, judiciousness and center which the IEDPU said have changed the character of administration in Kwara State for good.

“Your way to deal with administration is extraordinary and invigorating. It has never occurred in our history for the CEO to be on ground as ahead of schedule as 8a.m. You even went along with us to organize seats. This modesty and straightforward way to deal with administration are very new,” friendly IEDPU President Yahya Ahmad said when he drove a designation of the body to the Representative late Friday.

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“My 11 months as Acting Leader of the IEDPU saw surprising achievement and its pinnacle could be credited to you with the foundation of Police School in Ballah, Asa Nearby Government Zone.

“We got endorsement for the Police School, Ballah, in 2017 and nothing was done on it (by the past organization)… .Today, with Senator AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s intercession, we anticipate that the Police School should take off in January, 2020. The old Ballah Auxiliary School which was migrated would now be able to flaunt 11 homerooms as against the previous six study halls it had previously. Your Excellency is a fantasy worked out for the Emirate and the state.”

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The appointment incorporated the new IEDPU President Otta Aliyu-Uthman and other high ranking representatives of the body.

Aliyu-Uthman, a resigned chief of the Branch of State Administration, lauded the Representative’s certain course for the state.

AbdulRazaq, as far as it matters for him, praised the IEDPU for the achievement of its 54th yearly meeting and appointment of another official to steer its undertakings.

The Representative said the organization will investigate their position papers which were submitted to him.

He included that the administration is organizing endeavor, youth improvement and infrastructural advancement.

AbdulRazaq said his organization has recently wrapped up the back payments of N700m owed to the Universities of Instruction while instructors in their preparation schools have been pardoned to the state common assistance and SUBEB.


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