Mum From Hell! Meet The ‘Evil’ Woman Who Burnt Her Stepson’s Two Hands In Nasarawa


The story has been told of the woman who burnt her own step-son’s two hands in Nasarawa state.

The 13-year-old Ovey Friday was deeply in grief, his head, downcast and he appeared too weak to even acknowledge the presence of The Nation correspondent, who had come to know how he is coping, having recently lost all his fingers to what he termed the wickedness’ of his step-mother.

Even the presence of his uncle and grandmother could not stop the torrents of tears trickling down his cheeks, as he cried uncontrollably, lamenting his predicament and wishing his late mother was alive.

“Ooh mum, the day you died, I held your hand four times; after you died, I held you close to me; I knew it was for the last time, for you had been sick and in so much pain. That was no life.

“I know you were afraid to die; I hope you have found comfort. However, for my elder sister, Salvation and I, life has no meaning anymore

“Since your demise, my first two siblings have also left us to join you, and I now go about without hands – all my fingers, cut off by my father’s wife for no reason other than hatred. Sometimes, I feel like coming to join you in the grave, for life has no meaning to me anymore


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