Open Letter by Anataku Shehu To President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari


Your Excellency Sir: Let me rapidly bounce before the approaching temporary fad in offering my congrats. I realize you have relatively little time for amenities since much has been left on the Augean Stables for you to tidy up. Leave me alone one of the first to offer my two kobo on how you should start the workmanship (for, in Nigeria, it is in fact a craft) of administering us for the following four years. My recommendation is neither in sequential request nor even in any request for inclination. In any case, a large portion of it comes from exercises gained from your prompt ancestor, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

(Statement of Benefits) Even before your official swearing in service booked for May 29th, feel free to pronounce your advantages as you guaranteed. Do it openly. Actually, discover some cash and purchase space in a couple of national dailies and online news sources and proclaim your benefits. I am certain your Bad habit, Educator Yemi Osinbajo, will take action accordingly. Nigerians know both of you are not spectacularly rich, so no compelling reason to stress over clarifying how you came about your benefits. At that point feel free to make it (in private, obviously) a necessity for all your clerical, legal and heads of MDA representatives, to likewise pronounce their advantages.

(Arrangements) If you don’t mind look past the APC for a mix of cerebrums and strength. Put forth purposeful attempts to discover abilities in different gatherings (in all honesty, there are acceptable individuals even in the PDP) and delegate them to, unimportant positions, yet key places that will task their mind and life. Look past dynamic government officials for gifted individuals on the grounds that huge numbers of them need to serve and can work well for very yet for heap reasons, couldn’t take an interest in legislative issues. Spread your arrangements the country over as decently as could be allowed. I know the southwest for all intents and purposes chose you (the north had consistently been with you) and you will be pulled by those of us from the southwest to compensate us and not minimize us like Jonathan did. However, you are president for the entire nation. Bar your searchlight on the east, south-south and everywhere throughout the nation and search for abilities. On the off chance that you make a decent attempt, you will discover gifts in the states that casted a ballot against you. You will discover abilities among Nigerians living abroad. You need to exhibit the degree of development that Jonathan needed and show the world that you are not noxious. How pleasant would it be in the event that you could solicit Nuhu Ribadu to be Pastor from Inside, accountable for the Police, Migrations, Detainment facilities, Common Safeguard and Customs? These are parastatals that have become cesspools of debasement and need somebody of Ribadu’s uprightness, vitality, energy and scrupulousness to lead. What about Raji Fashola for Service of Works or Service of Equity? You get my float?

(Debasement) Nigerians trust you and somewhat, trust Osinbajo. However, that isn’t the equivalent and will, obviously, not be the equivalent for your representatives. You can’t without any help annihilate defilement in Nigeria. Truth be told, nobody can kill defilement from any nation. You can just put forth a valiant effort to lessen it to the absolute minimum. To this end, you should return straightforwardness and autonomy to the EFCC and ICPC. When assigned by the President and affirmed by the Senate to serve for a predetermined term, the chairpersons of the two associations should just be removable by (a basic larger part) authoritative arraignment. This expels the EFCC from Official control and permits each ideological group to have a state by they way it carries out its responsibility. If you don’t mind request that your political representatives sign an undated Abdication Letter before you choose them. This will work well for you later on the off chance that they get out of hand and you have to sack them. You would should simply put a date on their Acquiescence Letter and Acknowledge their abdication. This letter serves to keep them on their toes. I host heard different individuals from your get-together (and explicitly Prof. Osinbajo) guarantee to not pursue the individuals who have executed defilement before your political decision. I trust that isn’t valid. Nigerians anticipate that you should pursue the individuals who took the eventual fate of their kids. No, you ought not permit this to devour you and degrade increasingly significant things. In any case, we can’t bear to release them without any penalty. They should pay, if just to fill in as discouragement to future criminals.

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(Legal executive) You should upgrade the legal executive as an issue of direness. The procedure of suit in Nigeria is excessively long, excessively dull, excessively costly and too inclined to even think about abusing that equity is frequently deferred and along these lines regularly denied. It would be ideal if you set out on the development of more courts, update the frameworks of the current ones, improve the welfare of legal executive laborers and fabricate more detainment facilities to house those indicted in your new, facilitated process.

(Government Spending plan) This is excessively fat. You need to exhibit to Nigerians that you will live by model. Every one of those billions of naira as a rule allotted for nourishment in Aso Rock should be radically chopped down. Everyone working in or visiting Aso Rock is now being paid liberally. They can pay for their own nourishment. Make the cafeteria in Aso Rock a compensation for-your-own-nourishment foundation for everyone. Cut down on the quantity of individuals going away and out of nation who gather estacodes and stipends for doing for all intents and purposes nothing on such outings. At that point welcome the Senate chief and the Speaker of the Place of Delegates and request that they lead their particular assemblies in taking uncommon cuts both in pay rates and in different payments. Nigerians think that its unconscionable that a Representative wins more than the Leader of the US. Your forerunner was too undermined to have the ethical power to request that the officials accept a decrease in salary. You don’t have such an issue. They – the officials – are searching for inspiration, course and reason. You should give that initiative.

(NNPC) I don’t have to reveal to you this is the country’s jugular. Luckily, you are likely the most proficient about this part out of all who have administered Nigeria. In this way, there is next to no anyone can educate you regarding this that you don’t as of now have the foggiest idea. You should choose people of completely certain character to head this Service and the different parastatals that help our oil industry. Your Pastor of Oil must have faith in refining our oil inside our nation. Thus that individual must begin the development of new treatment facilities and the fix of old ones. On the off chance that you need to obtain cash to do anything, this is one segment you should get moving practically immediately. When your gathering comes to request our votes in 2019, we should be paying far less at the siphons than we are at present paying and trading completed oil items to neighboring nations.

(Transportation) I trust you that you will resuscitate the dying Nigeria Aviation routes by first sending the greater part of the airplane in the right now enlarged Presidential armada to the national bearer. It has been a national humiliation that the Monster of Africa has been not able to deal with its aircraft. Recollect that what executed Nigeria Aviation routes was defilement (from ticketing extortion to save parts misrepresentation and) general poor support record. Your new Nigeria Aviation routes must be inhabited with break experts and professionals – individuals who pay attention to flying security and client assistance. On the railroads, you will concur with me that the circumstance whereby individuals and stocks heading from Abuja to Ondo, Ile-Ife, Sokoto, Ado Ekiti, Birnin Kebbi, Akure, Benin City, Ogbomosho, Oyo, Jalingo, Yola, Damaturu, Dutse, Calabar, and a lot increasingly key towns can’t consider taking the train. Train tracks don’t go through these spots! Furthermore, the tracks we have are single tracks that power trains to hang tight for one another for a considerable length of time at train stations. These were the tracks promised to us by the frontier experts and we are yet to enhance them. Kindly beginning structure new tracks and dispose of those old, utilized trains with which your ancestor “changed” us back to the Stone Age. Keep in mind, a suitable rail framework will facilitate the weight on our streets as enormous products, for example, oil tanks and compartments will think that its less expensive and quicker to utilize the railroads.

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(Guard) Like NNPC, this is another segment about which no one can address you. As the Boko Haram mess has demonstrated us, there has been gross debasement or carelessness or inadequacy of the entirety of the prior in the Service of Safeguard going back to before your antecedent. Things just moved beyond him more since he knew beside nothing about this area and he was excessively incurious and too reluctant to even consider asking questions. Fortunately for us, you recognize what is happening and no one can blame you for being too hesitant to even consider asking questions. The positions of our military authority, the official corps, has been politicized and degraded to the point that they have lost validity with Nigerians. The regard and hero worship typically delighted in by the military has been deleted and supplanted with disdain and ridicule. Individuals currently consider the to be as a lot of willing devices in the hands of lawmakers; a cloth label pack who will hurry off the war zone with tails tucked between their legs at the sound of Boko Haram’s Hilux trucks. You need to reestablish the poise of the Nigerian military. Heads need to roll. Actually, heads that have left the administration however answerable for the decay in the military must be reviewed and set rolling. You should set up a board of previous military officials, supported by a break group of bookkeepers, to investigate the books of the military and discover all the missing trillions – the explanation our military needed weapons and other hardware when called up to safeguard the nation; the motivation behind why a large number of our residents were effectively slaughtered by psychological militants; the motivation behind why we lost pieces of our nation to a Boko Haram and the motivation behind why our nation turned into the victim of jokes in universal military circles. You should reorient the military to the way of demonstrable skill – preparing for war in peacetime as though they are at war; preparing them in probably the best nations on the planet and with the absolute best militaries on the planet; furnishing them with the most present day war-battling hardware; dealing with their welfare and that of their family and working for them foundations that befit the status we need them to possess on the planet. In the event that you need to decrease the size, kindly do as such. Keep in mind, size isn’t might. Most progressive countries have moved away from enormous, more slow military to littler and increasingly portable, progressively deft powers. That is the course we ought to be going. We ought to fabricate a littler yet progressively deadly power.

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(Insight) There are such a large number of unintelligent work force marching themselves as knowledge agents in our nation. Like the military, they also have been co-picked into serving the impulses and fancies of the legislature of the day. What’s more, they don’t have the foggiest idea what they are doing. I make this last proclamation strikingly, certain that I realize what I am discussing. Our insight associations should supplement the endeavors of the law implementation offices and the military. Truth be told, they ought to be fundamental pieces of those associations and ought not, themselves, be excluded from being examined. You have to imbue the DMI, the NSA, the DSS and all the others with well-prepared (globally well-prepared) experts who can instruct essential and advance knowledge social affair, bundling and scattering to the end client. The firearm toting, shades wearing and suit-decked purported insight faculty are simply gathering checks. Where, for instance, is the Boko Haram pioneer? Where are the Chibok young ladies? How are weapons getting inside Nigeria – and I mean substantial weapons? How are contenders getting inside Nigeria and how are they getting re-provided? You have to redesign this area.

(Therapeutic) It would be ideal if you send a bill to the council precluding all administration authorities from utilizing government cash to subsidize any part of medicinal consideration they get abroad. They can practice their unavoidable right of free development, yet Nigeria should never again pay for anyone to get treatment abroad. Meanwhile and keeping in mind that the bill scales through the lawmaking body, utilize your official forces to deny demands for abroad medicinal ventures that include the utilization of government reserves.

Unmistakably, your greatest test is power. This is the goliath executioner that has “slaughtered” those before you. In the event that you flop in everything above and prevail with regards to settling power supply, expanding its age and dispersing it viably, your name will be written in gold. This will task your cerebrum and sap your vitality the most. Each ligament of your being must be locked in when you designate individuals to take care of this enormous issue. With the gifts that flourish inside our nation and outside, with the assets available to us, you can destroy our reliance on a wide range of generators. With stable power, you won’t have to make such a large number of employments as Nigerians will make occupations without anyone else.

Your Excellency, I realize you have a full plate and you are not exactly a youngster. That is the reason collecting a group of exceptionally qualified and capable individuals from the nation over and the Diaspora will make your activity simpler. You should simply give the inspiration, reason and heading and they will execute. Start, Sir, by designating a believable representative who additionally has a solid foundation in the media – a genuine expert. I think Reuben Abati has demonstrated to us that capacity to produce rant loaded articles doesn’t make a viable representative. You need somebody who will order the expert regard of individuals from his/her reporting voting demographic just as have the option to explain your projects and activities without being stooping and belittling. Sir, kindly don’t designate somebody who will assault your political foes. That activity ought to go to your gathering’s representative.


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