There Is Fire In Soweto, Dear Evangelist Sonny Okosun


Normally, when an open letter, for example, this is sent to anybody it is regularly expected that it will be gotten and recognized. Tragically, the individual I am sending this letter to will never give an answer to it. Notwithstanding, I should admit that I was propelled to compose this letter on the quality of my faith in African folklore. You may have pondered and asked, “Are you not any more a Christian?” obviously, I am. Notwithstanding, an Edo maxim says “However the lion and the pronghorn happen to live in a similar backwoods, the impala despite everything has the opportunity to grow up”.

African folklore has it that in its conventional religion that life doesn’t end with death, yet proceeds in another domain. Actually, the ideas of “life” and “passing” are not totally unrelated ideas, and there are no unmistakable partitioning lines between them. Human presence is a unique procedure including the expansion or reduction of “intensity” or “life power,” of “living” and “biting the dust,” and there are various degrees of life and passing. Demise doesn’t modify or end the life or the character of an individual, yet just purposes an adjustment in its conditions. This is communicated in the idea of “predecessors,” individuals who have kicked the bucket however who keep on living in the psyches of individuals in the network as they were regularly associated with the beneficial things they deed before their flight to the incredible past.

Against the prior, I am sending this letter, which is pretty much like an advancement report on the xenophobic fire that has abstractly been seething inSouth Africa. I need to let the beneficiary of this letter whose character had just been uncovered in the title of this piece to realize that the reason he represented and the bad form and mistreatment he battled against in regard to politically-sanctioned racial segregation has taken a deadlier measurement since he went to the incredible past. In his life time, the fire in Soweto was fed by the politically-sanctioned racial segregation system of Pieter Botha. Then again, since he left from the earth, the fire has gotten wild and it has unarguably been fed by Xenophobia which a way of thinking says is a significant psychosomatic vestiges and the negative result of the politically-sanctioned racial segregation system.

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Dear Evangelist Sonny Okosun:

It’s me, Isaac Asabor. We might not have met in the place where there is the living during your apparently short natural visit. Be that as it may, through your melodic collection “Fire in Soweto” I got one of your passed on in-the-fleece fans in my town during the 70s, some place in the southern piece of Edo state. Upon my movement to Lagos in the mid 80s, all that you did, in any event, when you turned into an evangelist, got my extravagant and gave me each motivation to copy. I even gave my fingers a shot guitar however for the way that I was a “bibliophile”, and I was unable to share the constrained time I had then with any past time. Fire in Soweto, as revealed by the Assembled Realm’s Watchman turned into an underground hit in southern Africa during the late 1970s. The paper included that “despite the fact that EMI didn’t advance it, they sub-authorized it to the London-based Oti mark, which set up it as a container African blockbuster”.

Grant me to express that the motivation to compose this letter to you was required by the need to illuminate you that Soweto (which is perpetually South Africa right now) by and by being seethed by fire that was abstractly exacerbated by Xenophobia. I believe this letter to be befitting to you as a result of the job you played in guaranteeing that the Fire in Soweto was extinguished. Be that as it may, oh! Since your leave, the fire has been revived again however in another structure. To place in a metaphorical point of view, Soweto currently ignites with the fire of xenophobia, and no more that of politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Since you left from this world numerous words have been composed and spoken in your respect, especially for devoting a larger piece of your melodic vocation to promote freedom music well in front of any African performer.

You were once in both New York Times and UK’s Free Papers cited to have said that “Every one of my mates were singing affection melodies, I was attempting to discuss what was occurring to dark individuals.”

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I don’t have to state much on the job you played all through your lifetime in the battle against politically-sanctioned racial segregation. In any case, too bad! Uncle sonny, I should admit that my heart drained and my eyes became cloudy when I saw your photograph that depicted you as extremely wiped out when was I looking for the foundation materials to compose this letter to you. I was sincerely moved in light of the fact that it showed up your particular endeavors toward the freedom of South Africans from the gulag of politically-sanctioned racial segregation was not acknowledged. The South Africans, presumably, appear to be selfish with regards to the help rendered by you and the national government toward their freedom from the gulag of politically-sanctioned racial segregation. An African saying says, “Whenever beat yam isn’t eaten in light of the fact that it was severely beat, it tends to be eaten for the soup”. Interpretatively put, if South Africans have no motivation to leave Nigerians in South Africa safe, wouldn’t they be able to see reason in the endeavors you placed in for them to be freed from politically-sanctioned racial segregation?”

As you read this letter they are mangling and slaughtering Nigerians and different Africans in South Africa. The overall assault that enlivened me to keep in touch with you this letter isn’t the first. For example, somewhere in the range of hardly any days after your takeoff from this insidious world in 2008, there were 135 distinct fierce episodes that left 62 individuals dead, and at the very least 670 injured. The media revealed that handfuls were lustfully ambushed and numerous properties demolished and plundered. I needed to retain this letter until your demise day as a method for expressing gratitude toward you for the life-changing freedom battle you battled all through your effective music vocation. Notwithstanding, I was unable to hold up as the fire in Soweto right now is truly seething that the senate is thinking about ousting South African organizations from Nigeria. I additionally discovered that the Pioneer of the Place of Agents, Femi Gbajabiamila, has been ordered by the House to lead a designation to South Africa over the xenophobic assaults on Nigerians.

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I additionally need to illuminate you that as the senate is thinking about removing South African organizations from Nigeria. MTN, which I surmise you may have bought in to its telephone utility before your exit, Shoprite, where I trust you may have done your shopping and DSTV which I am cocksure you may have similarly belittled being an amusement individual all through in your life time have been fingered in the retaliatory move. Indeed, even as you read this letter near 100 Nigerian young people have been ousted from South Africa apparently because of a retaliatory assault Nigerians did in Abuja. In any case, to value every one of your endeavors in guaranteeing that South Africans were liberated from politically-sanctioned racial segregation, I might want to include the accompanying two enchantment words: Much obliged.

Much obliged to you for your battle against politically-sanctioned racial segregation, even at the danger of being killed by the whites, who were perpetually the culprits of the abhorrent demonstration, as you were simultaneously making a trip to Europe, America and everywhere throughout the world. Nobody would have resented you the harshness and disdain against politically-sanctioned racial segregation as it was condemnably a demonstration of treachery and savagery.

It’s anything but a misrepresentation to state that you have the right to be expressed gratitude toward for utilizing freedom music which was unarguably centered around South Africa and the rest of the holdout of white force on the African landmass. Your 1977 tune “Fire in Soweto” which I have more than once referenced right now likewise shaped the title of this piece, was a rankling assault on politically-sanctioned racial segregation, South Africa’s arrangement of isolation. Despite the fact that it was prohibited by the administration, it all things considered turned into an enormous underground hit in dark townships. Another melodic hit which you discharged toward the fight against politically-sanctioned racial segregation incorporate, “Daddy’s Property,” and a large group of others that mirrored the critical circumstance for blacks in South Africa. By and by, I state bless your heart.

Be that as it may, be appealing to God for Nigerians over yonder in light of the fact that there is despite everything fire in Soweto.

Yours earnestly,


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