US BAN: CNN Presenter, Fareed Zakaria Makes Case For Nigeria On Gps Morning


Fareed Zakaria just made a case for Nigerians today on his GPS morning news about Trump’s Immigration Ban in Nigeria. Topping other countries that come to the USA on everything. I do not think we can hide anymore. Like Americans will say “It is what it is”. Trump just showed who Nigerians are in USA. Facts were shown today.

Fareed Zakaria GPS analysis was very clear and lucid to the point . The actions taking by Trump was very harsh to the citizens of Nigeria . What is the justification? GPS gave us statistics that no single Nigerian have committed act of terrorism in United States.

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Nigerians in United States are not public charge by any measure and have contributed immensely to the development of United States more than most immigrants here especially in the areas of Health, Science , Education etc.We Nigerians love life and we are not terrorist by any imagination.

Nigerians are been recognized in areas of Science and Arts all over the World.It will be nice if the Trump administration should go after the Nigerian leaders and their operatives and restrict their travel or ban them from coming here. Ordinary Nigerians have nothing to do with it.

The excuse is very flimsy, the same President Trump have referred to us as people from shit holes countries.

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