50 Best European Footballer Of 2019


2019 has been a year of returns.

Liverpool returned to the top of the European game by winning their first UEFA Champions League since 2005.

Joe Pesci returned to the big screen for the first since 2010 by starring Martin Scorsese’s instant classic (and not too long, no, that’s a bad opinion, it’s a perfectly cromulent length) The Irishman.

Fleetwood Mac (minus Lindsay Buckingham) went on tour for the first time in, well, forever.

So in keeping with this year of big returns, we at 90min thought that it was about damn time that the European Footballer of the Year award returned too. It’s been gone since the Ballon d’Or went global, and we miss it so much that we’ve decided to bring it back.

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And here it is.

The following is the top 50 best European footballer (nationality-wise, y’know) of 2019. If you disagree, you’re probably wrong.


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